The Mission

"To lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

We believe this can be accomplished by living out three core actions. We invite you to join us as we attempt to: Get REAL with a real God who can really change our life. To LOVE God by loving others.
And to stop making excuses and do so NOW.

We are located on the South Dawson/North Forsyth County line. War Hill is working hard at re-defining the church experience with non-traditional elements like—upbeat music, humor, and illustrations from everyday life. While the message of the Bible is unchanging, the methods used to bring that message to people's lives are not! Take time and learn more about our beliefs, our purpose, our pastors and our history by clicking through the links provided.

We look forward to worshipping with you soon.
Dr. Don Allen
Lead Pastor

The Vision

REAL. This is the first step of the journey with Christ. We simply call it “getting REAL.” None of us can make progress until we take off the mask and just be who we are before the God who made us. We offer REAL worship experiences for REAL people to connect with this REAL God. We realize that most people have REAL needs, and in His presence they’ll find REAL solutions.

LOVE. This is the second step in your journey with Christ. It’s the LOVE step. After you fall in LOVE with God, you need to fall in LOVE with His children. John said that you cannot possibly LOVE God in heaven if you don’t LOVE people on earth. At War Hill we offer opportunities for you to connect with people in small groups and to foster Godly relationships that will strengthen your walk with Christ.

NOW. This is the third step in your journey with Christ. NOW is the time for you to find your destiny! We want to help you find a place to reach your fullest potential as a follower of Christ. You don’t have to wait until you are perfect. You don’t have to wait until you’ve convinced everyone you know that you’re good enough. The time for your life to have real meaning is NOW. NOW is not the time for you to sit on the sidewalk while God’s purpose for your life passes you by. If you are a follower of Christ, we are ready for you to join our ministry team. War Hill offers many opportunities to serve the community and the world for Christ.

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